Fake UKPC parking ticket emails loaded with malware


We have again been alerted to a continuing scam.

Fraudsters are sending out emails purporting to be from a legitimate company called ‘UK Parking Control LTD (UKPC)’ stating that you have received a parking ticket. The fraudulent emails have titles such as ‘Parking Charge Reminder’ and are claiming you have parked on private land belonging to one of UKPC’s clients. The emails contain randomly generated reference numbers and a quote for a £90 charge.

The bottom of the email requests the victims to click on ‘payment options and photos’ for more information. Clicking on this link will result in the download of a file which contains a malware. The malware is designed to collect sensitive information such as banking details, passwords and payment authorisation codes.

If you receive one of these emails, delete the email and do not download any files, attachments or click on any links that the email contains.


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